Stainless Steel Appliances: Time to bid good-bye?

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My husband and I have had our fair share of house hunting. We moved thrice in the last three years. Once into our shiny new built, twice in to apartments and having just relocated across the country, we are on the hunt for our “forever” home again.

Bottom line, I read house descriptions by owners and agents dime a dozen every day. Some focus on how cozy their home is while others take pride in their palatial Mc Mansions, but, ALL of them announce (I imagine them taking a slight bow when they type this) their shiny new stainless steel kitchen appliances. We have seen them all, from faux stainless steel finishes to Viking professional ranges.

Not being a big fan of steel, always leaning towards warmer tones like gold, brass or rose gold, the stainless steel appliances never appealed to me. I find them cold, industrial and out of place in something you call a home. BUT, I gave in. Each time. Why? Resale value I told myself. With apartments, of course, the updated apartments all came with them. Add to that the lack of enthusiasm by the manufacturers to update their boring white and black appliances. You want something new, shiny, fancy, and upgraded, stainless steel was the only choice. Or, so I thought. Here’s a rather boring parade of some of my kitchens.

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The new built home in Phoenix


Our current apartment in Charlotte

I wasn’t even looking for appliances when I chanced upon the Whirlpool White Ice range at Lowes one weekend afternoon. I am one of those people, the ones who gingerly walk around Lowes, when you are making a quick run to buy some light bulbs. And, I fell in love! The pristine white collection has all the bells and whistles of any other stainless steel range out there. More brownie points for being cheaper than most stainless steel options. For you dark cabinet lovers, they also have this collection in black. Perfect for a modern condo.

Hubby is not convinced about its appeal to the masses, but, I am sold! Hopefully, I will turn him around before we need to take the plunge. For now though, I am dreaming about a stainless steel free kitchen.

Where do you guys stand on the color debate; White, black or are some of you still loving the steel?


Ramya picRamya Malisetty, an IP lawyer, loves French food, Japanese culture, Merlot and King Charles Cavaliers. She obsesses over making a perfect bed, labeling everything in sight, Shabby Chic décor and preparing elaborate meals. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband. Read about her foodie jaunts and fashion tips on her blog Wardrobe Menu.





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  1. Sherrie Bakshi says:

    Love this post Ramya as I feel your pain. We are in the process of doing some minor updates to our kitchen. The appliances are stainless steel which look fine but I definitely don’t want the color to dominate the rest of the kitchen decor so i am looking for other colors to incorporate. It’s tough!

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