Racism as a traveler




We have all been there. “You just moved here, and, you speak English so well?” This question is usually accompanied by a startled expression. Sometimes, punctuated by some jaw dropping. They are probably secretly thinking its high time they put that Rosetta Stone Spanish CD to some good use. If you can pick up English, they should be able to pick up Spanish. Right?

Okay, if that didn’t happen to you yet, I promise it will. Someday. Even if you are spared from that question, at some point, you will be asked “where are you from?”, and, no, Columbus, Ohio is never the right answer. They want to hear I-N-D-I-A! Even if you have only been there twice in your life. Once, in your diapers.

My reaction to these questions ranges from pity to anger depending on the time of the month.

Edna Zhou,  who has called a new country home every couple of years since she turned eighteen, has an interesting perspective on this issue. Click here to read the article.



Edna Zhou, is the “nomadic” brainchild behind the blog Expat Edna. She first moved abroad, from Pennsylvania, at eighteen and hasn’t looked back ever since. She is now an International sports photographer covering events across the globe and using that opportunity to take in various cultures and relish local delicacies. For more drool worthy food pictures and travel adventures, check out her blog.