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Every woman wants to look and feel her best at all times; this is as true during pregnancy as well. The special circumstances of pregnancy place extra demands on a woman’s body, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable, stressed, tired or unattractive during this time. With the aid of good personal habits and a few well chosen products, your pregnancy can be enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for relishing this special phase of your life and getting off to a good start with your new baby. 

1.  Good food and pre-natal vitamins

This may seem like a no-brainer considering how particular we can be during pregnancy, especially when eating out. All of us prefer healthy home made food, as we know it is good for the baby. However, the occasional restaurant meal or a soda won’t hurt, as long as you are reasonable about your menu selections. Portion size is where you have to be careful. Forget the myth of eating for two; that is neither healthy nor necessary. To calculate your nutritional needs, just add 150 calories a day to your regular diet, and 300 calories a day during your last trimester. Increase protein intake to 70mg/day from 40mg/day to make sure you and the baby are getting sufficient nutrients.

 2. Water bottle

A water bottle is one of the most important items in this list, as staying hydrated is essential if you are to feel well and maintain good health. Always carry a fresh bottle with you to keep hydrated. Go for a BPA free product.

3. Shea butter/ belly butter

During pregnancy, your skin stretches considerably as your abdomen gradually grows. This can cause dryness and irritation, particularly in the later stage of your pregnancy. Shea butter can help ease the discomfort and prevents stretch marks to some extent. Make this your new best friend; you will want to keep itching and dryness at bay. Good moisturizing of the skin will keep the stretch marks away.

4. Anti-emetics and Antacids

Some women experience nausea during pregnancy. While nausea is most common during the first trimester, it can occur anytime during pregnancy. There are many home remedies or prescription meds that can help to ease the symptoms and discomfort. Antacids can be helpful for some women, though it is important to speak with your doctor before trying remedies that have not been prescribed. Once you and your doctor have agreed on safe and effective remedies for you, make sure to carry them with you as you go about your day. It is not always possible to predict when nausea may occur.

5. Comfortable shoes

Our feet, which carry us everywhere, take on the additional weight of the baby during pregnancy. This weight puts more pressure on our feet and can cause them to feel achy and uncomfortable. No one feels good if their feet are hurting! Make sure you buy comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in and provide good support. Ideally, buy one or two pair of shoes that can take you through your pregnancy and also the period after delivery.

6. Body pillow

There are two basic kinds of pregnancy pillows. The first is the small wedge that goes under the belly and supports the growing belly from the second trimester on. The other is the body length pillow that is placed between the legs and reduces pressure on the lower back. Choose one based on your preferred sleep style and comfort needs. 

7. Maternity belt

Invest in a good maternity/pregnancy belt from a specialty pharmacy (not CVS or Walgreens). Choose the superior/industrial strength Velcro belt for longer durability and better function; skip the ones from maternity stores. A good maternity belt will support the growing belly, thereby reducing back pain and helping you to maintain better posture during your pregnancy.

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8. Soft toothbrush

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common occurrence but little attention is paid to it. Chronic untreated gingivitis has been linked to pre-term labor in some studies. In addition to the regular dental check up and cleaning, always carry a soft tooth brush to clean after every meal and to alleviate bad breath. Mints can help too. If you have morning sickness, avoid brushing after a bout as the stomach acids can inflame the gums. Instead, rinse with water and brush after the nausea subsides. 

9. Pantyliners

This is an essential item to carry in your bag during pregnancy. The Poise brand has proven popular with most women due to the ultrathin and super absorbent material it is made of.

10. Fitness tracker

It is normal to feel like a well-fed chicken during some stage of pregnancy. Moderate exercise is highly recommended during pregnancy but we miss how much is actually good enough. Fitness trackers will help track your daily activity to keep you active and healthy during pregnancy.

11. Avoid household chemical exposure

Last, but not the least, avoid exposure to common household chemicals found in dryer sheets, plastic containers(avoid heating food in plasticware), airfreshners and household cleaners. Go for natural cleaners like lemon and vinegar as much as you can. The Honest Co. has a fabulous collection of all natural products for your baby and home.

These items can help you enjoy your pregnancy and feel your best through the nine months. Although pregnancy only lasts nine months, the memories last a lifetime. Why not make it an enjoyable experience?

We would love to hear more tips for the mommies and the mommies to be amongst you. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.



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