Jeans by body type

Jeans by body type

Jeans and white shirt, jeans and crop top, jeans and leather jacket…the list is endless. The fact is that denims are a must have in one’s wardrobe. There are so many different looks that can be created with denims. But it is essential that you have the right kind of jeans. The right jeans fit you perfectly and complement your body type.

There are various styles and fits that you can experiment with. Low rise, regular fit, boot cut, slim fit…I know all this can be a little confusing. We’ll help you find the right type of jeans for you depending upon your body type.

If you have a tummy –

Say good bye to low waist jeans if you plan to hide your belly. The perfect fit for those with a slight tummy is the medium rise. The waistband should fit properly and end just below your belly button. This would cover your problem area to a great extent.

Curvy body type –

Most women with curvy or hourglass shaped body say that their jeans don’t fit properly at the waist or hips. Boot cut jeans are perfect for those with a curvy or hourglass shaped body type. These jeans would fit properly and highlight your curves just the right way!

Pear body type –

Pear shaped women have curvier hips. Narrow fit and slim fit jeans are a no-no for this body type.

Choose trouser fit or a low-rise flare to create a balance. This fit of denims would also help to make your hips look a little slim. On the contrary, even high waist jeans with slight flare would do the trick.

Petite body type –

Regular fit jeans are the best option for girls and ladies with petite body type. The good thing about regular fit is that you can experiment with different tops and create new looks. You can also choose slim fit denims.

Fold up your regular fit jeans and turn them into boyfriend jeans for a casual day out.

Apple body type –

Women with apple shaped body usually have a heavier upper body and slim legs. The best jeans type for such body shape is slim fit or skinnies. You can also experiment with jeggings and a loose tunic to focus the attention on your slender legs.

For long legs –

Being tall can be an advantage and a disadvantage. Finding the right pair of jeans can become a slight problem if you are very tall or have long legs.

Flaunt your height and long legs with perfectly fitting flared boot cut jeans.

To hide fuller thighs –

If you want to accentuate your waist and hide fuller thighs, opt for tapered jeans. These would highlight your curves just at the right spot and give you an irresistible look.

Plus size –

If you are plus sized, opt for dark colored straight legged denims. The combination of these two would give you a slimmer look.

So the next time you go jeans shopping, keep in mind these points and we assure you that you’ll find the right jeans for you.



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