Insect energy bars, anyone?


With the recent WHO report that red and processed meats are carcinogenic, where will we source our daily protein from? Yes, there is poultry! Did you know the chicken are 5 weeks old or less when they end up as tandoori chicken on your table? With the grossness of the food industry, the most sustainable protein sources are, hold your breath, BUGS!!

Insects of different kinds have been part of worldwide menus traditionally. It’s only after the UN report in 2013 claiming entomophagy has “low environmental footprint”, that the ‘insect eating’ bug has caught on. Insects stack up well against other superfoods with more protein (with complete set of amino acids), iron, calcium and B vitamins than vegetable sources.

For most of us, the thought of putting insects in our mouth, be it fried or candied, is yucky. To overcome that, some adventurous foodies have developed the insect flour (freezing,  oven toasting and grinding the insects). This flour can be used instead of your regular flour to make anything sweet or savory. The advantage of insect flour, in addition to nutrition, is the ease of masking the taste; unlike other flours.

This latest food trend is catching up worldwide with health food stores stocking up on insect flours and energy bars. Crossfitters have made the insect energy bars a part of their lifestyle. To be in tune with the latest trend and sound smart, learn the word-


Geo( earth) entomo (insects) arian (person)

A person who consumes insects to reduce his carbon foot print and help earth heal.


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