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I’m a proud mamma and I think I’m doing a great job, even better than some of the mums I know, *hair flick* & *nose in the air*(most hands-on mums feel that way). In spite of the initial hick ups, my little one is a happy, independent, active and affectionate baby moving fast into toddlerhood.

I keep myself updated with all the developmental milestones, ensuring the best practices for physical/emotional/mental health are adhered by all caregivers (I run a tight ship at home *wink*). I’m not a follower of any particular child rearing philosophy and I believe, keeping a little life safe and alive itself is a big achievement for any parent and they do the best that they can. Some a bit more than the others but they all do what they can, to the best of their capabilities.

So, with these values and theories I was happily sailing through motherhood, when one day I bumped into a mom (Let’s call her Supermom, because she is one), at a farmers market, carrying a young toddler around in a baby carrier, that I had been lusting over for sometime. Being in the public speaking domain, I have mastered few skills, one of them is shamelessly barging in on people and practicing effective questioning skills. So I asked “Excuse me, is it a Tula” and to my surprise the person on the other end responded with equal ease and a bit of saint-like affluence “yes my child” (that’s my version) but what she said was “yes it is”, and so began my introduction to “Babywearing”.

Babywearing – An age old practice of carrying or wearing a baby in a sling or any other form of carrier, that has gained popularity in recent decades due to the famous “attachment parenting” philosophy influence on the mainstream parenting pedagogy.

Baby in the wrap carrier

I was invited to attend a meet (which, initially my husband thought could be an induction to some sort of a cult) but being the curious explorers we are, we attended it anyways. We were introduced to a whole lot of options, The Wraps, The Mei Tais, The Ring slings, The Soft Structured (Buckled) Carriers, The Pouches and may be some more, that I may have forgotten due to my goldfish like memory, but above all we met a bunch of mums dedicated to encouraging other caregivers into “wearing their children”. Now being a skeptic, I couldn’t wrap my head around this drive on “wrapping your baby”. I believed and in parts still do, that bassinets, strollers and baby carriers all have their own roles to play at different stages of child rearing, so I wanted to get to the bottom of this passionate drive of wrapping/carrying babies.

I began my research and found there are dedicated groups, fan pages, secret communities etc., all pushing one another to take up this art/science Click Here for more info. However, I still struggled to fathom, as to why there was so much of noise about carrying the child? Don’t we all do it anyways? (As per my cultural upbringing, baby carrying was no rocket science). So I dug deep and realized that probably we had the” know how” but not the “Why” – The correct positioning of the baby while carrying and its impact on her physiology, along with the motor skills, emotional skills and cognitive skills development are many of the benefits that we may not have considered.Click here to learn more about the benefits of babywearing.


As realization dawned, I started sharing almost the same sentiments as of those of the “enlightened” mums. I looked up some more information and decided to get my first “Ergonomic carrier Click here for more info on the ergonomics of babywearing.

Now another hurdle to cross was how to keep my “very hot” (no pun intended) baby comfortable in the approaching relentless summer and that’s when the “Florence Nightingale of the baby wearers” reappeared and she (The supermom), introduced me to the domestic/Indian brands and man alive! Was I in love all over again?

The plethora of fabrics, textures and styles and, the same comfort as of the top of the line-imported carriers (believe me… I have tried both) on the home turf (Yes! They have international shipping too), are awe-inspiring!



Some that I tried were – KolKol Cookiiepie , AnmolCudleNCare and my personal favorite Soul


The sheer comfort and the feel of their fabrics got me hooked and I almost decided to make another baby just to own their ring sling (Still contemplating on that one). Having said all of that, the fact of the matter remains. I got hooked to babywearing and so will you if you give it a go…


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