How to get rid of odors from clothes

How to get rid of odors from clothes and linen

In a previous post, we gave you tips for making your home smell nice after a long weekend of making biryani and curries. Hopefully, you house smells wonderful now. Are you still struggling with getting the smell off your clothes and linens? Worry no more.

Here’s what we tried and tested so you don’t have to. We are being nice and not sharing the projects gone wrong! Do you have more tricks up your sleeve? We are looking forward to hearing what the Martha Stewarts in you do. We would love to add them to our list for a bullet proof smell attacking army of tips.

  1. If washing didn’t get all the smells out, toss in a sachet of herbs (you can buy them at Pier One) along with the dryer sheet for an extra ten minutes.
  2. Hang your clothes on separate hangers the night before by the window or where there is airflow to dissipate the odors. In other words, give them a dose of good ol’ air drying.
  3. Hang the clothes in bathroom during a hot shower. The steam helps get rid of the odors.
  4. Spray vinegar or lime juice mixed with water or vodka on the clothes and air-dry them. Trust me, the smell of vinegar and vodka dissipates in a few minutes leaving only fresh smelling clothes.

Those tips didn’t work on some stubborn smells? Need to spruce up the slipcover which has been inhaling all the masalas over time? Read these extreme smell attack tips.

  •  Place the clothes in a trash bag. Add half a cup of baking soda to the bag and shake well. Let the bag rest for about fifteen minutes. Shake off excess soda and then wash as usual.
  • Cat litter: Not a cat person? Doesn’t matter. It is the best deodorizer out there. Leave an open container of cat litter in the closet. Just to test this rather extreme tip, I put my smelliest workout clothes and jacket in a bag with cat litter, sealed it tight and left it overnight. Voila, there was absolutely no odor in the clothes.

Try these and tell us what worked best for you..



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