Health concerns for software professionals


This article is dedicated to all my friends in the IT industry. Listening to a friend complain about working three weekends last month and the stress associated with it, he and I discussed the various health concerns for software professionals because of the long hours of sitting and staring at a computer. This is a small infograph we created to spread awareness.

Health concerns edit



Check othis video on youtube that details the problems of sitting too much.

Research shows that 5000-6000 steps a day are necessary to prevent osteoarthritis in future. Get moving and keep a track with fitness trackers or fitness apps. We have listed out the pros and cons of the best ones on the market. Check it out and share the knowledge.




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  1. Rubia says:

    I love it! Everything is easy to locate and even thgouh you personalized it with color and details, it’s still very easy on the eyes ^^ You did a great job with balancing things out! I was changing some little things on my own design today but it was one big fail, haha. I wanted a media gallery on one of my pages, to show all my travel posts, but it’s impossible to get that done in Blogger so it seems! xo Nikki

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