Go Romania!


r What better than reading about a girl travelling alone around the world, for some inspiration? A girl travelling alone to remote destinations! That is exactly what draws me to the travel blog A Dangerous Business where a small town girl from the Mid-West explores the world, one remote destination at a time. Why Romania? One, I have been intrigued by this country since the time I heard tidbits about it from a dear friend from Law School. You know the more you hear about a country, the more you want to know. Two, Anthony Bourdain (as much as I adore him) did no justice to this country in his signature prime time show, No Reservations. So, when I saw this post by Amanda, I just had to share it with you guys. Follow this link – Romania – to read the article which highlights the best of Romania and those pictures will make you check flight fares right away! Want to read more about her experiences in Romania? Here you go – Amandas’ Romanian Adventures.

 Amanda is a Ohio native who not only loves to travel, but, has made it a point to do so. While working full time here in America, she has managed to save enough time and money to explore the world. Read more about her travel adventures and especially her invaluable tips on packing on her blog A Dangerous Business.