Get those high heels on!!


“High heels empower women in a way”- Christian Louboutin.

At 5”7’, I don’t need to wear heels but wearing them gives me that added confidence; the feeling that I am in control and I am dressed right. As Coco Chanel said- “A woman in good shoes can never be ugly”. However; sore feet, aching heels, bunions and back pain are also unavoidable. The thought of working in high heels is dreadful to most women. But remember, flat shoes without proper arch support can lead to flat feet. With the help of a podiatrist, I graduated from flats to 2″ inch heels and I have listed the essentials to survive high heels sans the agony.

Start small- If you are into flats like I was, you may want to start with kitten heels or wedges for a few hours every day initially and then gradually progress to higher heels and longer duration.

red pump




Anne Klein poppin pump,

Right size: Buying the right size is imperative. Your high heels should not be tight or loose, but enough that your feet go in easily, with a little space to wiggle your toes. Make sure your foot does not slide forward when you walk in open toe shoes as this will make you walk funny. Also, round toes shoes are better as they don’t squish the toes like the pointy toe ones.

Practice– Wear your new heels around the house or while doing the household chores. Walking on the carpet, tile and hardwood floor will help you get comfortable in your shoes. Soreness and blisters will be common with new shoes, try the Sole Serum to soothe the soreness and Sole Goddess to avoid the blisters from shoes that dig or rub. Sole Goddess is a purse friendly blessing in a lipstick size applicator.

Inserts: There are so many different kinds of insoles available in the market. These inserts ease the pressure on the ball of the foot and also make rigid, stiff soles of heels softer to rest your feet upon. Check out Dr.Scholl’s Dreamwalk High heel insoles or the Foot petals from Zappos. The best one for all day wear is a custom made orthotic insert prescribed by a podiatrist, while these over the counter insoles work pretty well for limited wear.

foot petal


Foot petals Killer Kushionz from

Budget matters: Brand name and expensive pairs are always better in build than cheaper ones. If you plan to wear heels longer, then definitely look for good brand names. If you have a budget, better to spend it on one good pair than three bad ones. Also, if you like a pair in a store, google it and scour the internet to see if the price is cheaper online. You will find good deals online, but make sure you have tried the shoes in a store before you buy them online.

Pressure– Ideally, pressure on the ball of the foot is advised while walking. With heels, make sure you put the heel down first and then press on the ball of the foot to maintain proper posture and gait.

I switch between my kitten heels, wedges and strappy heels to wear to work. Who knows if I will have problems later or not, but for now, I will happily enjoy the confidence, poise and the oomph high heels give me.

If you love wearing heels and have found something different that works for you, share your tips with us.



DSC00479Deepthi Mundra is a travel and adventure junkie. She has traveled and worked on four continents. A cosmetic dentist by profession and a Cross Fit enthusiast, she’s constantly planning her next travel adventure. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and two daughters.


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