From India to Mississippi!! Story of the Gypsy Queen..


Helen Mirren, Charlie Chaplin, Mother Teresa, Penelope Cruz. What’s the connection between them? They are all possibly “Romani”!! Romani people, more commonly known as Gypsies, have a very interesting history. They left India 1500 years ago and moving through Middle East and Europe, finally made it to the United States. There is an estimated 1 million Romani’s in US alone. Most gypsies are into tarot or crystal ball reading. Ironically, the place where their queen is buried, has banned any kind of fortune telling.

Kelli Mitchell is the wife of Gypsy King Emil Mitchell. She died while delivering her 15th child in Alabama but was brought to Meridian, MS as it was the nearest city with an ice box to keep the Queen in till the Romani’s came from all over the country to pay their last respect. That’s how the gypsy queen came to be buried in Mississippi. January 2015 marked her 100th death anniversary and people came in flocks to pay their respect at her grave. To this day, every Halloween, Romani’s come to visit their queen and bring small gifts with the hope that she will come to them in dreams and solve their problems.



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