Filter coffee, “Made in USA”

Filter coffee

We tried them all. From Starbucks to the nerdy coffee “lab” in downtown. From dark Italian Roast to a smoky Columbian fine ground. From the classic French Press to the revered Chemex. Stale old packs of Kothas coffee at the Indian store. Freshly ground our beans at Whole Foods. The K cups and the Q cups, all the way through Z! Some were good. Others great. Some passable. But none were like the filter coffee at home, back in India. And there is only so much you can carry from your trips back home. In any case, coffee is the last thing I would want to stock months in advance.

One morning, I told my hubby, “Let’s stick to tea”.  At least we can buy the best and enjoy a cup made the right way. I didn’t mean it. He didn’t like it. So, the quest continued. First for days, then weeks, then months. Then, we struck gold! Three years after I moved to the US, a pound of freshly ground chicory blended coffee tucked in to my shiny new Samsonite, I found something similar. Well, ‘similar’ is an unfair word. I found good coffee, blended with chicory. Let me introduce to you Café Du Monde.


Filter coffee2

This brand of coffee is well-known as the hearty beverage served to visitors and locals at the cafe with the same name in New Orleans, Louisianna.  A humble stainless steel filter (from the local Indian store) and two spoonfuls of this make my mornings so much more bearable.

Here’s how I make my cup of joe. Tweak the proportions to your liking. This recipe makes one small cup of coffee. For the oversized mug lovers amongst you, at the very least, double up on the quantities.

  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2 tablespoons of coffee
  • ¼ cup of hot milk
  • Sugar to taste

Add the coffee powder to the top portion of the filter and top off with hot water. It takes about five minutes to seep through. Meanwhile warm up the milk, add sugar and keep aside. Once the concoction is ready, add it to the warm milk. I don’t care much for froth, but, you could use a frother or do the traditional arm swinging jingle (at your own risk). The last thing I want to do once my cup of coffee is ready, is to wipe the counters and the kitchen floor!

Where to buy: Order online or buy it at your nearest World Market.


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