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I am not one to follow trends or invest heavily in them, neither would I recommend doing it. However, being aware of them and occasionally taking inspiration from them can not only be fun but can also help push our safety boundaries a little. The fashion runways have set the mood, the fashion gurus have made their prediction, the fashion bloggers have taken inspiration and now it’s up to you to give the fashion trends of 2015 a nod of approval or one of disapproval.

Marsala :

The sound of the word makes my mouth melt, makes me think of chole masala and Bollywood masala, but then thankfully, very quickly, the fashion lover in me takes control. Marsala is a colour, not just any colour, it is the colour of 2015, a beautiful rich colour that is likely to be seen not just in apparel and accessories but also in beauty, think gorgeous dresses, pretty marsala lace sarees, beautiful bags and even lip colours and nail paints.





Flared Bottoms:

The 70’s are back with a bang, as far at bottom wear goes. Bring out those bell bottoms, those flared jeans, the shararas and palazzos. Pick the right fit and these could add miles to your legs, they also happen to play perfect accomplices to sky high heels, stealthily hiding them under the flare creating the illusion of height.





3D :

The biggest trend seen on every heavyweight runway across the world is texture and dimension. Prints are passe, it is the season of surface treatments and three-dimensional embellishments. Fashion weeks across the world have embraced this new breed of fabrics and textures. Even closer to home, the Indian fashion runways witnessed the show stopping designs at Gauri and Nainika’s show with beautiful flowers popping on neutral dresses.

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Boxy Shapes:

It is the season to be comfy, gone are the skin irritating, body hugging dresses that require corsets and body shapers that squeeze the air out of the windpipes. This season is about boxy, flowy and easy to wear pieces. Take your pick from wide leg pants, culottes or bishop sleeve dresses. Even the saree blouse has taken cues from the international runways and changed shape and form, the new blouse is easy, versatile and fun.








Flat Feet:

The biggest bane of any fashionistas life is toe crushing, back breaking high heels. No pain no gain has been a rule for fashionable trendy footwear up until now, but shoe rules have all been changed this season. Flat neon sneakers paired with couture dresses, kolhapuris with jeans and metallic gladiators with everything else, is the way to go.







Iconic Accessories:

Go brave and bold with iconic, attention grabbing and statement-making accessories. Whether it is a bag that declares you current state of mind to the world a ring that could serve as a lethal weapon or shoes that look like a precision engineered plane, make it big and bold this season.

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 Gingham :

Leave the plaid for your grandmother and make way for plaid’s hip hot sister – gingham. Get this print in pretty pastel colours and make it more girly by using sheer fabrics.




Get Sporty:

This season you can get sporty even without a gym membership, sweating can never be fashionable, can it? Add a teeny tiny dose of sporty in your outfit to get trendy, a sports stripe on your pant, a baseball hat with a pencil skirt or even a bomber jacket over a kurta.



Handloom :

Indian textiles and handlooms are making their mark not just on Indian runways but also on most international runways. These traditional fabrics are being converted into fun contemporary and modern pieces. The old is definitely back in a brand new avatar.


(image courtesy: Sanjay Garg Lookbook)


Travel :

Travel the world, experience new cultures and let new experiences reflect in your fashion and accessory choices. Travel is the new fashion essential.

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