Easy vegetarian appetizers


Saturday night is the epic India-Pakistan cricket match which we are all waiting for with bated breath. So get your blue shirts ready, invite friends over and score a sixer with these easy vegetarian appetizers/nibbles!

Lime- Jalapeño popcorn-


Prep time-10 mins

Ingredients-   IMG_0580

1. Popcorn

2. 1 -2tbsp olive oil

3. 1-2 jalapenos chopped

4.  Lime zest

5. Coriander chopped fine

Make popcorn, microwaveable or stove top. While that is popping, heat olive oil in a pan, add chopped jalapeños and little salt. Turn off the stove in 3mins or once jalapeños seem soft on the sides. Add the olive oil with jalapeños, lime zest and coriander to the popcorn and enjoy with a wine, beer or a soda!!

Tortilla chips chaat-

Tortilla chips chaat

Tortilla chips chaat

Prep time-15 mins



1. Tostitos scoops (I used the multigrain)

2. Potato

3. Mint

4. Coriander


NMS_00646. Salt

7. Chilli powder

8. Chaat masala

9. Tamarind pulp

10. Pinch of sugar(optional)

11. Finely chopped onions and tomatoes for garnish

12. Sev or boondi for garnish

Steam a potato in the microwave or on the stovetop. If you want to do it in the microwave, here’s how you do it. Take a big sized russet potato, wash it thoroughly and poke lot of holes all over with the tines of a fork, so the potato does not burst in the microwave. Let it soak in water for a few minutes to get moist. Add a little water to the potato in a microwavable dish and place it in the microwave for 4-5 mins flipping it halfway. Once the potato cools, peel the skin, add salt, chilli powder, chaat masala and mash it coarse. Blend some mint, coriander, tamarind, salt and sugar for the chutney. Set the tostitos scoops on a serving plate, add some mashed potato, a few drops of thinned yoghurt and the chutney. Garnish with onions, tomatoes,boondi or sev and coriander.

Cajun pita chips



Prep time- 10mins


pita 11. Pita bread

2. Olive oil

3. Cajun seasoning

4. Hummus(Optional, home made or store bought)


Split open a few pita breads or pita pockets. Cut the halves into triangles  and set on a baking pan. Spray or brush with olive oil and sprinkle Cajun seasoning on the chips and broil for 10mins at 380F. Remember, it’s broil and not bake if you want the chips to be crispy.

Cocktail samosas- potato or chana dal


Prep time- Less than 10mins


Potato or Chana dal cocktail samosas, available at any Indian grocery store in the frozen section

These are my go-to appetizers for parties and my personal favorites. Set the oven to broil at 380F. Set the samosas on a bake pan. Spray oil lightly and let broil for 10mins and flip. Let sit for another 10mins, increase temperature to 400F and take them out in 5mins. Broiling instead of baking gives good crispness and colour.
Try these appetizers and let me know how they turned out. Also, if you improvised, please leave a comment and let us know how or what you did differently.



DSC00479Deepthi Mundra is a travel and adventure junkie. She has travelled and worked on four continents. A dentist by profession and a Cross Fit enthusiast, she’s constantly planning her next travel adventure. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and a seven year-old daughter, with another one on the way.


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    I loved the Tortilla chips chaat, next on my menu.

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