Best makeup apps for Indian skin

best makeup apps for Indian skin tone
          There is nothing more frustrating than getting home with a new lipstick and trying it on, only to see that it looks dreadful on your skin tone! Ladies, you don’t have to waste money on shades that simply aren’t compatible with your skin tone any longer. Use one of the many popular makeup apps available for your iPhone or Android devices instead. There are open forums to consult with other women seeking advice and tips, and also provide several tutorials as well. Here’s a list of the tried and tested best makeup apps for Indian skin tone from the bindiandjeans team.
 This app showcases everything from hairstyling tips, to nail art. Makeup looks that are pictured throughout the app are extremely detailed; they display each product used on the models with price points and ratings from other ladies. Users can upload photos, videos, questions about products, and post questions. You can also shop directly through the app and have access to deals and sales not found in stores.
 L’Oreal has been around for ages, they certainly know what looks amazing on a woman and have spared no look creating this app. It’s a fun way to rediscover what looks flatter your face. Play up your eyes with the new mascara feature, or take notes on how to do your eyes in a butterfly style that wings out at the tips. MatchMaker by TrueMatch, another L’Oreal app not only determines your skin undertone to recommend the perfect shade of foundation, but also lists the nearest available stores.
As the app claims, a picture of your face is all it needs to recommend makeup products perfect for you. Take a selfie on your phone and the latest hue matching technology of the app creates a color report based on your skin tone, color of the lips, eyes and hair.
Visage Lab      
 “A professional beauty laboratory for your facial photos” claims the app description. And true to its word, users can upload their photos for a fully automatic facial retouch. It is similar to having your very own makeup artist right there with you to make your photos perfect! So go ahead and cover up the pimple or the wrinkle on your photos.
This app is a virtual makeover program that lets the user upload photos and retouch them trying out various styles of makeup and hair. This app is fun because it doesn’t require an internet connection either. So give your little girl the phone to play with and get a breather. There are over 100 colors of makeup sure to fit any skin tone, or correct any blemishes or birthmarks you want to conceal.
This creative app lets you get very artistic and feel as if you just stepped out of beauty school! Don’t have time to whiten your teeth but need to post photos to your social media accounts? Not an issue with this app! It lets you make quick fixes to correct virtually any facial imperfection or look you may want to achieve. It’s like having your very own Photoshop app right in your smartphone, as Facetune makes anyone a selfie queen!
So try out the apps and leave us your suggestions or comments!!

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