Basic Accessories

Basic Accessories

Balletsten shoes every women needs3

Ballets can replace your flip flops, tennis shoes and crocs without compromising on comfort. They are the single biggest reason why you shouldn’t be donning the above unless you are at the beach, gym and hell, respectively. Monthly pedicure long overdue? Pull these cuties out.

Comfort comes first. Pick one pair each in nude and black. I sway towards suede but if shiny patent leather is your thing, go for it.

B&J’s pick: J.Crew; Hush Puppies; ZARA

Black heels
ten shoes every women needs5
Little needs to be said about this classic essential. One good pair in your shoe closet, and, you are good to go. For work, dinner dates or nights out on town, black heels are a staple. B&J’s pick: ZARA


Basic Accessories3
Watches complete outfits. I am not much of a jewelry person and cannot tell you how naked I feel without my watch. Yes, one is all I have, and, I never regret not having more. I took a long time to choose this one and I love it enough to don it every day. You want more than a couple? Go for it, but, make sure each one makes you look good when you put it on.

Basic Accessories4
Again, all you need is one pair. Go for two if one is too restrictive for you. One in a sturdy and comfortable acrylic frame, and the other could be sleek aviators. Pick whatever works for your face shape. Don’t shy away from over-sized frames if they suit you. They are perfect for chicing up a no make-up face.

B&J’s pick: Tiffany’s

Neutral handbag
Basic Accessories5
A Hobo style bag is perfect because it’s a good size for most women. You don’t have to struggle with fitting your smart phone into those tiny clutches, and, we all know how those big bags quickly turn into our second homes!

Pick one in a larger size if your life style warrants it, but, think twice before you carry half your possessions on your shoulder all day. Also, think more than twice or until you are convinced, whichever comes sooner, that you don’t need that bag which is monogrammed all over. Trust me, you will do just fine without it. You heard me, right?

B&J’s pick: ZARA

Crossbody bag
Basic Accessories6
This style bag is a blessing for those long days at the amusement park or out in the city. They are sensible, easy on your neck and shoulders and hold almost as much as your tote. At least, they hold everything essential from your tote.

A tan works well with most outfits. A white brings in some brightness without too much color. A black one is easy to wear with almost anything.

B&J’s pick: ZARA

Black Opaque TightsBasic Accessories7

A fall staple that works wonderfully through spring. Did you know transparent black stockings are meant for people in good shape or when you are not wearing anything too skimpy? Well, now you do. So, pick opaque black tights until you lose those extra pounds or have taken a vow not to wear anything ending above your pudgy knees. Unless you just blew out sixteen candles on your birthday cake.

B&J’s pick: Anthropologie; HUE

Tall flat boots
Basic Accessories8
Knee high boots are best because they are chic and will keep you warm. With the flat sole, you can walk in them all day without cursing them or everyone around you by afternoon.

B&J’s pick: DSW

Basic Accessories9
Scarves make a good outfit, great. Underrated and underutilized, given a chance, a scarf does its job well. Pick as many or as few as you want. Make it a habit to always carry one along and soon you will find you cannot do without it.

Where to buy them: From Target to J.Crew and everywhere in between. Modcloth has interesting prints.


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