10 ways to wear your kurtas


What the T-shirt is to the west – a fallback, a comforter, an essential, the kurta and kurti are for us Indian girls. No matter where she lives and what she does, every Indian girl has her share of kurtas occupying pride of place in our wardrobes. If you step out on any street on any corner of India or even if you happen to cross a street which the Indian community frequents in any part of the world, you are bound to see more than a few ladies flaunting their kurtas.

The kurta and I have seen our share of ups and downs, I have loved it, worn it so much that I started hating it and then now I find myself falling back in love with the kurta. The key here is to keep monotony at bay by constantly experimenting with the kurta, making sure that things stay fresh and the chemistry keeps sizzling. So, here are a few tricks I picked up to ensure that the love keeps growing.

  1. Kurta Dress

This happens to be my new favourite way of wearing a kurta. It creates a very unique East meets West chic look, add a thin belt to create shape and interest, you could even add a scarf, like Anushka Sharma did, if the kurta happens to be devoid of any embroidery or embellishments.                                                                                                                                                                                                  DSC_7660

  1. Kurta + Palazzo Pants

The evergreen kurta churidaar pairing has taken a bit of a backseat as the pallazzo pants have taken over the Indian wear scene in a big way. You could wear palazzo pants with a short kurti or even long anarkalis, to create stunning layering illusions.                        DSC_4426

  1. Kurta + Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts exude a quintessential boho vibe, perfect for summer, pair it with a kurta and I cannot  think of a more Summer appropriate combination that looks effortlessly stylish.


  1. Kurta + Pencil Skirts

An offbeat pairing that is bound to make a statement and make heads turn. The fitted silhouette of the skirt is balanced by the more languid kurta, the skirt fearlessly hugs the curves while the kurta plays peek-a-boo with them.


  1. Kurta + Pants

Kurtas often come with very delicate and interesting details which could add a generous dose of style to absolutely anything you wear. So when not in the mood for a desi look, you could half tuck the kurta into pants and add a jacket on top.


  1. Kurta + Bellbottoms

Trends have a notorious reputation of visiting back just when you decide to clean out your cupboard and donate old clothes. Take the 70’s for example, they back with a bang and how I wish my mother had never thrown off her bell bottoms. They are everywhere, try pairing them with your kurtas and kurtis to recreate the bohemian 70’s era.


  1. Kurta + Dhoti

Originally and traditionally a men’s fashion essential, the dhoti has made its presence felt in the closets of Indian women, thanks to leading Bollywood ladies and designer runways embracing it whole heartedly. Add some fun to traditional wear by pairing the dhoti with your kurtas.


  1. Kurta + Graphic Leggings

If the agenda is to get noticed and deliver a message through your clothes, there is no better way to do it than with graphic leggings. Pick ankle length ones so they are not confused with the boring churidaars and pick from the sea of prints available, stripes, floral, comic prints, leggings with text on them, psychedelic prints, you are sure to find one that suits your style and personality.

  1. Kurta + Salwaar

The super traditional way of wearing the kurta, which also happens to be an ageless combination. “Old is gold” they say and this combination proves it. In-case you are bored of your salwaar kurta pairing, look around for inspiration, you will be surprised at how many drapes and kinds of salwaar there are, each region seems to have its own hybrid version, so get creative and experiment.


10. Kurta + Jeans

Don’t yawn yet!! I know it’s the Indian college uniform, every college going girl has worn it almost every day, no matter which decade you belonged to. However, here is some good news, don’t write the pairing off yet, add a belt over the kurta or try knotting the kurta on the side to create a fun and interesting twist to it.



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  1. Roshni says:

    I have done kurtis and jeans, and kurtas with leggings. The other options are interesting! I should try kurtis with pencil skirts!

  2. Thanks a lot for the blog post. Really Cool.

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